Dynamic Windows

Dynamic was founded 28 years ago with a contrarian spirit and a vision of introducing mass production efficiencies to the established custom millwork business model.  It was understood and believed to be true that custom windows and doors were built exclusively by sawdust- covered master craftsman who required much more lead time and cost considerably more than the window companies that manufactured standard windows with pre-established sizes and details. The accepted trade-off for custom windows and doors was no testing or engineering, longer delivery times and considerably more expense for the flexibility of a unique design or wood species. It was that old-school approach to the business which inspired the concept to challenge the status-quo. Using a concept introduced by the Harvard Business School called “Mass Customization“, this production process combined the elements of mass production efficiencies with design components that are adapted to meet a customer’s individual needs.

Site Collective Agreement
Union Service Rep

Aman Chumber

Tel:(604) 513-1850
Cell:(250) 891-5436
Unit Chairperson

Jesse Boyd

Cell:(604) 751-5695


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